Saturday, February 12, 2005

The Socratic Method

This is fantastic: Rick Garlikov describes a teaching experiment with a third grade class where he uses the Socratic Method (which consists of asking questions and allowing the students to discover answers themselves) to teach them binary arithmetic.

I have friends of above-average intelligence who didn't really understand binary representation when it was taught (badly) in a college Computer Science course for non-majors; it's incredible that he got a regular third grade class to understand it in 25 minutes! And practically the whole class was participating and having fun... I wish I could do that with my CS 225 section! I've got to try something along these lines next week.

There's no real point to excerpting it, so head over to the transcript now. He has some more information on the Socratic Method here.

Hat tip: Moebius Stripper.

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