Friday, February 11, 2005

I'm famous (after a fashion)

Well, ok, I haven't proved P != NP (yet!), but there are different kinds of fame. I'm a chocaholic (my friends will say that's an understatement second only to CNN's observation that black holes are typically more massive than the earth) and have the incredible good fortune to live a block away from the local Dairy Queen.

One of my roommates and I walked up to DQ this evening; as soon as we entered, the cashier began ringing up our orders. Apparently we're known to all the local Dairy Queen employees as 'The Chocolate Ice-cream guys.' The name leaves a certain something to be desired, but I'd put up with much worse for the quick service and generous helpings they give us as their best customers. :-)

In other news, Indu's started a blog. The latest post is sparking a discussion of free will. Also, Ditch has returned to AI-Complete with a post on using Google to extract meaning from the Internet.


Sanketh said...

aah man finally. what took you so long? you guys are the chocolate icecream guys and i am the "just water no soda" guy at the local chinese place :).
To each his own.
Keep posting.

Anonymous said...

"one of my roommates"? doesn't this dashing, young man have a name? or is he not worth mentioning just because his orders range over a wide spectrum of flavours, in contrast to your flagship one?
don't ask me how i know the truth...

Nitish said...

He's not worth mentioning, but that has nothing to do with his choice of flavours. It's just that he's an uninspiring sort of chap. :-)

Anonymous said...

YOU will judge who's uninspiring and who's not, eh?

Indu M said...

Aah, the joys of being associated with your favourite dessert :) At BITS, the VK redi management knew me so well that they'd start heating a couple of jamuns the minute they saw me at the workshop junction. I refrain from guessing the(rather unflattering) title they would've accorded me.

Enjoy it nitish, while it lasts. Over here, I'm still trying to land some special privileges at the local restaurant, on the basis of my continued patronage. They don't seem to be budging though :(