Friday, February 04, 2005

On your deathbed...

... remember to set up that P2P app and share all the files you've accumulated over a lifetime. Slashdot is carrying a story about an 83-year old woman being sued for file swapping a month after she died.

Yes, this is ridiculous, and the RIAA was made to look foolish, particularly when they admitted that they probably got it wrong; the woman, Gertrude Walton, apparently hated computers. What's most amusing, though, is that a few Slashdotters - inspired by Walton - believe they've found the perfect way to die happy, having screwed over the RIAA/MPAA without fear of reprisal: Just before you die, make your music and videos publically available on the Internet!

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m. said...

LOL! talk about ways to beat a system! interesting :-)