Tuesday, July 13, 2004

What's the Good Word?

Yesterday was Ditch's first blog post; let's hope there are many more and that the Cyc project succeeds. I, for one, will welcome our new AI overlords! :-)

C.M.C. is holding it's annual sports/cultural festival, Pegasus, this week and I've been asked to conduct What's the Good Word? For those of my readers who've never seen it, it's a contest where teams try to guess words, similar to dumb charades. Each team has 2 members, one of whom knows the word and gives clues to his partner. Only three single-word clues are allowed. For example you might provide the clues attorney, court, prosecutor for your partner to guess lawyer.

Lakshmi and I were talking about it this evening and discussing our favourite funny, strange or generally pleasant and interesting words. Some of them were: discombobulate, dulcet, effulgent, epiphany, halcyon. Are there words that amuse, intrigue or please you? Leave a list of your favourite words in the comments.


Anonymous said...

Fave words... hmmm.. I think I like words more because of their phonetic qualities than anything else... dunno whether anyone else thinks that way... for example, I love 'excruciating' coz you can really stress on the 'cr' to signify the magnitude!!

- Rahul Misra

Nitish said...

I think most of us do, Rahul. All my favourite words have interesting sounds... 'serendipity' is another I like. And 'dulcet' sounds so mellow, like its meaning.

Where are all the other comments, I wonder? Or has everyone just decided to ignore me? ;-)

Sanketh said...

Where the hell is Dileepan's list? I was expecting a million words from him when I opened the comments link. Bah!

I did follow the links Ditch posted. I really never expected a company like this (with a very Terminatorish name) to exist. I guess Ditch will end up as Dr. Evil-Scientist-Man , the one T is out to get :).

And since my vocabulary grew by by 200% only when I did GRE last year I shall refrain from adding to your list.

and ...

DILEEPAN ... Where art thou???

Anonymous said...

Golle gee, all my favourites are unprintable! :)

One of my all-time faves is the one that first made me *truly* scared of the GRE - prolegomenary.

Anonymous said...

That last post (at 1:06 a.m., no less) was me.


Anonymous said...

Susurrus as in 'susurrus of the branches in the wind....'.Think it is onomatopoetic,not sure though.