Sunday, July 18, 2004

Blogging resumed

I just got back from Madras, where I had a wonderful weekend. I had intended to continue writing about university curricula, but I'm just too tired at the moment. Expect the post tomorrow morning.

Also, thanks to everyone who left comments. Ranji, if this were Slashdot, you would be +5, Insightful. Dileepan, I'm looking forward to yours. And Arun, welcome back! :-)

I think I've mentioned this before, but could readers please not leave anonymous comments? If you don't have a login, that's ok; you can include your name (or initials, even!) in the text of the message. It makes life so much easier on me.


Anonymous said...

hey dude... those were nice posts. happened to come upon ya site today.. will keep visiting. i don blog on blogger at the present.. so herez my initials - SP :)

Anonymous said...

hmm.. i forgot to mention the part about hwo you'd written abt yrself -an indian and 21 dot dot dot.. that was cool :) and sooo true - SP

Ranjith said...

dude...busy?? no posts for quite some time now??