Tuesday, June 01, 2004

Taking a break

I'm afraid my readers (what readers? -ed) will have to survive without me for a couple of days; I'm going to Madras (ok, Chennai, if you insist) to see off a friend. Anu's going to begin an MBA at the University of Melbourne. Actually, it's pretty much turning into a high-school reunion. It seems like half our class is converging on Madras over the next two days.

Also, someone asked me why I hadn't commented on the arrogance shown by The Wall Street Journal in recommending that "The West should be more hesitant about promoting political competition" in democracies. I thought the original editorial in the Hindu did that well enough. I am very disappointed by the Journal's reporting, though; one might accept this from the worst form of tabloid, but some standards are expected from a publication of such stature.

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