Friday, June 04, 2004

The International Herald Tribune comes to India

I've been hearing all day that the International Herald Tribune has launched an Indian edition. On the other hand, the reports seem to be contradictory and inconsistent. (I'm reminded of one of my favourite quotes from Salvor Hardin: "Consistency is the defence of a small mind.") This article at Rediff seems to indicate that it's going to be an Indian newspaper with articles taken from various places, including the Herald Tribune. Government rules mandate that not more than 7.5% of a newspaper's editorial content can be syndicated. If that's all it is, I don't see why they didn't come up with a different name.

It's sad; I would have loved to read the Herald Tribune, especially with an Indian slant. The price seems outrageous for what is essentially going to be an Indian newspaper, though. It's Rs 30 per day, which is about twelve to fifteen times that of comparable newspapers. It's even worse on weekends, Rs 90. They've got to be kidding!


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Your reader chants, "Update, update, update..."