Tuesday, May 25, 2004

First Post!

While it is a tradition to celebrate being the first poster on any thread, I think it's a bit much to do the same when there isn't anyone to compete with. Still, I'm going to celebrate my first blog post.

For the last few days, I've been relaxing at home and reading. More precisely, I've been re-reading old favourites. Many of my friends can't begin to understand why I do this, but I believe that if a book is worth reading once, it's worth reading again. And it's a comfortable feeling to curl up with a book you love, especially if you haven't read it in a while. Perfect for the beginning of a holiday.

But I digress: I wanted to post about hypocrisy. Perhaps that's a little strong; but why do people not admit to liking certain books? Most people I know do it to some extent; I've caught myself at it on occasion. (Another digression. (Readers of this blog will just have to accept my rambling on occasion. Also expect nested parentheses) This reminds me of a scene from FRIENDS, where Ross is quizzing Joey and Chandler. One question: "Rachel claims this is her favourite movie." The next: "Her actual favourite movie is?". End of digression.) Just yesterday a friend came over and asked me to recommend some books, which got me thinking about the subject. Why do we do this? Are we ashamed of liking lurid thrillers or mushy romance novels? Do we want to impress people with our choice of 'intellectual' books? Or (even worse) is it just me? Comments, anyone?

For now, though, it's back to 'Pride and Prejudice' for a relaxing afternoon. On the other hand, I just (while typing this) got a copy of Valentine William's 'Okewood of the Secret Service.' Hmmm... timeless classic vs sensational spy novel. I think I'll go with Desmond Okewood!

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Ranjith said...

hmm... ok i just wanted to let u know u have another reader of ur blogs !! u told jeff bout ur blog is it? or did he happedn to read it.

i liked that part about how he has the lowest undergraduate gpa among all professors hez ever met :) ... these are things that really inspire me... 'n egg me on to target berkely ( just for the heck of it ) !

well, bout ppl not accepting liking certain books... hmm... i think i have no taste in books at all... as in i seem to like all books i read ! 'n so when someone asks me for my favourite.. i just dont know what to say. coz if they ask me why..i dont think i have a very good reason... so how wud u classify me ?!