Thursday, May 27, 2004

Decisive Action

I intended to continue writing about the visa experience, but this is too good to pass up. Donald Rumsfeld has decided to ensure that there will never be another scandal like Abu Ghraib. The world will never again see photographs of American soldiers humiliating prisoners. How has he managed this? He's banned cameras and mobile phones fitted with digital cameras from military compounds in Iraq.

Tip of the hat to American Leftist.

UPDATE: My sincere apologies to Donald Rumsfeld; this story has recently been denied by the Department of Defence. Extremely remiss of me to post it without confirmation. However much I might disagree with his views, I should have known this was too silly to be true.


Anonymous said...

This Rumsfeld story is well known to be a fake (use say Google to confirm). Or read here:

Way to go.

Nitish said...

Thanks for pointing this out. I've included a retraction.