Wednesday, November 23, 2005

The True Story

If you have access to it, read The Real Thanksgiving by David Brooks. It came at a good time for me; I needed the laugh. Among the best bits:
[O]nward they ventured, across the vastness of the ocean until finally the infinite wonder of the New World came into view, and the passengers of the Mayflower realized here they could raise their children and their children's children to be snooty and the subjects of John Cheever stories.

They were greeted at the shore by a tribe of native peoples, led by chief Massasoit and his lobbyist Abramoff. The Pilgrim leader William Bradford spoke first: "Behold! We have come to drive you from your land..."

And it came to pass that Massasoit was relieved by this declaration, for at least the strangers had not come promising to spread democracy. In exchange, all he asked was that he and his people be allowed to open casinos...

Others reacted to these difficult beginnings with murmurings of mutiny and discontent. It was said that Miles Standish had brought the flock to the New World on the basis of faulty intelligence, while others claimed the pilgrimage had been ruined by the religious right.
And my favourite sentence of all:
In the midst of these hardships, many did find spiritual succor by returning their attention to the Holy Book (even though parts of it were now behind a firewall as part of ScriptureSelect).
Happy Thanksgiving!


Anonymous said...

Enjoyed that one Nitish.
Happy thanksgiving.

Arun M.

Nitish said...

And to you, man. Doing anything special?

Anonymous said...

Well....just catching up on sleep today and having a small thanksgiving party later in the evening. How abt u?


Anonymous said...

You have subscription to TimesSelect or did you sign up for the free trial?

What did you do for Thanksgiving Nit? I got my liveness analysis done :-)


Nitish said...

I subscribe to TimesSelect, Ranji. Congrats on the Liveness Analysis! I slept, and did some grading/grade entering for the course I'm TAing. :-)