Tuesday, August 23, 2005

And So It Ends

A wonderful holiday, that is. I was away for nearly two months, during which I visited 4 countries, attended 3 weddings and the baptism of a cousin's baby, and generally had a fantastic time with friends and family. As I mentioned earlier, my access to the internet was limited for a while, so that's my lame excuse for not blogging. Of course, that doesn't apply to the last month or so, but who's keeping track?

The new semester begins tomorrow, and I'm looking forward to it. I'm done with all my breadth requirements (though that required counting Complexity Theory as a systems course. I have no clue why the department does that, but I'm not complaining!), so this semester's pure fun: Combinatorics, Randomized Algorithms, Computational Geometry, Expander Graphs, and an independent study with Sariel. Yes, I know I can't do them all, but I want to! Most of them will help with preparation for quals, so that's another reason to take them. Choices, choices...

I'm also TAing the undergrad section of CS 473 (Algorithms) this semester. It's the course I wanted, but since it's also one of the courses most hated by students, it'll be... interesting. At the least, it should be good for a funny story or two.


Sanketh said...

Man! What was he smoking? That's weird. Anyway, I'm glad he used crayola.

You know what, if I make it to your place next year I may just minor in algos. :)

lakshmi said...

my god, nit, I love your students!!
such a hoot!
that song (fav graphs), is it johnny's own?!