Friday, May 06, 2005

For Cherry and Mridula

Funnily enough, I too had the remarkable insight that one could use an external text editor instead of Blogger's cursed text box. But Word? And vi?? I use Emacs, you insensitive clods. :-)


Anonymous said...

I dont know about cherry but when you are as tech-challenged as mridula....word is the only thing you know to use.

-Anon Coward ('cos i love my life and dont want her to end it yet..;) )

m. said...

@nitish : ingrate! hmph! ;-)

@ "anon" : youre dead meat! :d

Sridhar said...

@nitish you use emacs!!!! noooooo...nahi ...aisa nahi ho sakta...dude! no! that i've regained my breath.

start hypnotic trance: Repeat after me: use gvim...use gvim ...use gvim

although I agree that vi is moderately limited, true geeks use vim...slightly tainted ones use gvim and people who need emacs's builtin psychologist use emacs ;)

@anonymous - you rock! do i see a slashdotter in the distance....long live mindless tech journalism

Arun said...

Emacs is yuck. XEmacs r0x0rs. :D

Sridhar said...

@arun -- XEmacs suX0r!

and the argument continues