Friday, April 22, 2005

What's up with Blogger?

The service had problems last week, but I thought they had all been fixed. Every time I've begun a post recently, Blogger has erased the text after a few paragraphs! That partly accounted for the long silence; the rest was sheer laziness. Thanks to Mridula for pestering me to write!

Does anyone know what the problem actually is, and how I can fix or avoid it?


m. said...

Who me.... pester? (ting! halo appears) lol!

blogger HAS been irritating. ive taken to writing in word and just copying it to post it. i hate re-writing beginnings!

neway, now that ive given you a solution of sorts... POSSSTTT!! :d

Sridhar said...

Use gvim and then cut & paste ...I usually do that ..but then I use gvim for official reports as well ( I paste it into word later though ... ) ...

maybe if I'm bored enough I'll write a gvim plugin for blogger :D